You will protect and enjoy your property in perfect condition without having to worry about the maintenance.

With the hiring of basic preventive maintenance plan, you are protecting your investment. Our staff will detect minor problems before they become major ones.


                                                                                          The preventive maintenance service consists of monthly inspections of the property, with a review of all its services and giving you a detailed report with photographs, on detection of problems, which will be sent by email including suggestions replacement, repair or maintenance where necessary and including a estimation of the reparation cost.

The service includes:

Periodic visits, twice a month, including the following:

  • Inspecting the apartment every two weeks when it is unoccupied to make sure that everything is in order
  • Immediate notice in case of emergency
  • Custody of keys
  • Collect mail from the mailbox
  • Check and inspect the lighting and power outlets
  • Check the correct operation of electrical equipment
  • Check the air conditioning and heating
  • Check the faucets
  • Check the condition of the bathrooms
  • Check the good condition of the walls, floors, furniture, decorative items and check if there are damages or substantial defects.
  • Examine the state of mattresses, chairs and sofas.
  • Check the function of doors, windows and sliding doors
  • In case the apartment is rented to third party, take care of any emergency by the renter as well basic issues with the renter

Also includes:

  • Assistance in case of incidents.
  • Contact with your home insurance to solve any problem in your name.
  • Receiving and reporting in English the contents of any communications received from the community of tenants, public administration, utility companies, etc.
  • Participating and voting as advised by the Client in meetings of tenants and reporting the contents of discussed items and decisions.
  • Generally speaking being the trusted contact person for any practical matters related to the apartment.

Additional Services:

  • Periodic cleaning of the house.
  • Cleaning before occupation.
  • Small repairs, plumbing, electrical, masonry, etc …
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